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Machinima (Mah-Shin-Ee-Mah) is a digital medium based on 3-D computer games, such as the popular Simulation game The Sims 2. A notable series of Machinima is Strangerhood created by Rooster Teeth Productions. This site serves as a Social Network dedicated to all Sims 2, 3, and 4 Films, made exclusively for fans around the world. Machinima Directors in the Sims Community. It was created Jan 27, 2009 and has seen many changes. Created by Blessed3126, the site's sole purpose was to make it a place where members from the Community could come together and be seen by other directors and fans of the film-making hobby. If you’re a Sims Director, a Sims Voice Actor, or simply a Sims Fanatic, you’ve found the right place!


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