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"The Wall" by Fluffedlionsforeverx- Tilly

"Where the Wind Blows" by bvhfdjva- Annaliese *CASTING CALL IS OPEN*

About the Movie: Where the Wind Blows is a Sims 3 Movie/Series (on the fence about right now) that takes place in the fictional land of Psegonia, where there are 5 major fairy kingdoms: Aqua, Ignis, Ventus, Spiritus, and Terra. The story revolves around Princess Annika, who sees the corruption in her mother's society, and Prince Augusto, who is subject to harsh beatings from his father. The two are forbidden from seeing each other, but do anyways. When Annika gets sucked into an arranged marriage with Prince Victor, a total loser, Prince Augusto saves her and they run off together with their childhood friends, where they encounter tracker wolves, Sirens, vampires, and Defectors. How will their love story survive? Check out this modern twist of two classics, Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" and Homer's "The Odyssey", all slammed into one series-thing!

(I couldn't find the good picture and I'm sorry)

Annaliese is the leader of the Defectors, a group of rebels within Psegonia with a plan to take over each Kingdom, one by one, and eventually merge all of the fairy Kingdoms together in order to make one unified Fairy race. However, Annaliese knows something her lover, Regem Edgar does not. Upon the gain of the fifth affinity, all powers are forever lost and one will become human. How could she possibly trick Regem Edgar into losing all of his powers? It's simple, of course: The power of trickery and love.

"Dog x Bunny" by kanonlullabies

Plot Overview: Akkito Yamamato has always been a loner with a past that haunts him. He always believed that if he stayed away from everyone, he would be fine and never suffer again. Then the new girl, Neminy, showed up. Neminy: a shy, yet cheery, girl who has problems of being called a “whore,” “a slut,” and, worst of all, a “Boy Hopper.” Akkito meets more people along the way, tries to understand their issues, and helps them see the good in people, all thanks to his new best friend, and potential new lover, Neminy Sorchu.

Mei Hageshi (Sensei)

After completing her master’s degree at such a young age, Mei decided to teach high school students. All of her students began to call her “Sensei” due to her no-nonsense demeanor. Although she has a role of authority, Mei tends to be sarcastic and non-chalant about many things.

Mei has one younger sister in Japan. Mei’s parents separated when she was younger, and her father took her to America while her sister stayed in Japan.

Mei grew up in the Southern United States and attended Elm Brook College. She is half Japanese, half Polish. Mei decided to move to Japan in order to learn the language and culture of her family.

Character Type: Normal?

"Heaven’s Magic" by HappyNisa- Nevaeh



Plot Outline: Heaven’s Magic is a Sims series made by HappyNisa and can be watched on youtube.

A young boy is being abused by his mother. Nonetheless, the boy loves his mother. When he finds his mother murdered and his “imaginary” friend offers to take him with her to her world, he doesn’t doubt and goes along.
There an other fairy adopts and raises him like her son. Times pass peacefully until his friend, his rescuer, gets kidnapped by a group of rebels.
That’s when he trusts himself into an adventure with as only goal saving his friend.

Nevaeh: Beginning episode 2, Nevaeh crosses from her world to Earth, where young Darren is being abused. After his mother’s death, Nevaeh promises to protect him and brings him to her world, where she is an outcast. Lady Guinevere agrees to hide him and they grow up together, ready to conquer the world.

Type: Begins as a child and matures into an adult. Very fantasy.

"You’re a Star" by MiAmour- Chandler

Age: 18

Type: Normal

Traits: Friendly, sweet, sarcastic

Plot Outline: Not available.

"The College Experience" by The College Experience- Brooke


(Beginning in Season 2)

Age: Early 20’s

Type: Assertive, normal, boy chaser

Traits: Obsessive crazy ex-girlfriend, smart, brooding

Plot Outline: College is the most exciting time of your life, but it is also the place where you will transform from a child into an adult. This Sims 3 series is the story of how four students made this transition.

"All My Scars" by EmoToitleProductions- Gigi

Age: 17

About the Series: Eight years ago, everything changed for young Olivia when her mother and father tragically died. Olivia’s failure to accept the death of her parents resulted in her arrival in an Insane Asylum. Now, eight years later, Olivia faces a new challenge: high school. The 16 year old Olivia faces this “high school” with constant flashbacks, an uneven mood, her two foster sisters Carly and Farah, and no friends. Olivia must find a way to come to terms with herself. In doing so, she finds heartache, ways to break trust, and new friends. Ultimately, will she ever accept her mother and father’s deaths?

About Gigi: 

She is emancipated from her parents and refuses to go back to her old life due to the abuse she faced from her father as a child.

She works part time to afford her apartment, and receives help from the registered sex offender across the hall.

She adopted Fluffy to protect herself just in case her father ever reappeared. 

When Gigi disappeared for a while, she was living with her uncle who gave her the apartment for a low price. 

Only her uncle knows of her real situation.

"Creature High" by pleasantlyperplexed- Cecily


Age: Teenager

Type: Brooding, evil, bitchy

Importance: Cecily is basically the crusade’s bitch/messenger. (This is in my own words, not the director’s.)

About the Series: Creature High is a Sims 2 voice over machinima series created by Pleasantlyperplexed. The series follows a group of students at a paranormal boarding school that houses humans alongside witches, werewolves, and vampires.

"Keepin My Secret" by Star DeLaVega- Alyisia


Age: Teen

Type: Normal

About the series: IMO, it’s a pretty typical teenage drama. The director has not provided a description about this series to date.

"Lost in Hope" by TheSimer10- Karen (Hiatus)

About the series: A girl dies very young and ends up between worlds. In order to rest in peace, she needs to find out how she died.

This is the one character where my southern drawl is needed!

"Tainted" by Asrond- Jessica


This one pretty much says it all in the picture.

"Afterlife" by TwistTVShow and ApocalypticDogFilms- Police woman #1 (I know this is a "small" role, but this machinima is for SIFF in the fall of 2014)

Police woman #1…. no picture… pretty self explanatory…

"Too Popular" by Tickled007- Yaddinah

Yaddinah Williams
Voiced By: bvhfdjva (Ep. 5) / Jenine Bufi (Ep. 1) / ShadesXpants (Ep. 3)
                She’s one of the most popular teen actresses on Showbiz. She’s in-love with Dylan. She want things to fall into place the way she wanted, and she’ll do anything so that nothing can stop her from getting what she wants.

About the Series: Geneviee Maxwell Is Just living a normal life, Until Dylan Cohen Ruins meddles in and Pulled her into a big mess on the Big Screen, that says They are living under one roof.
    Geneviee’s best Friends, Madeline Hudson and Crissa Morril Finds Her Separately, And Unexpectedly Met Dylan’s Co-Members in “Charming Fame” Band, In different and WEIRD ways.

"Changing Me" by Tickled007- Extra

About: “Jade” is known as the meanest girl in Campus, But her boyfriend “Yule” broke up with her due to her attitude and such. She loves Him so much and wanted him back so badly, So she decided that she would change to a nicer attitude. Then one day a guy named “Matt” came and offered her help, In one condition.. She must not fall for him. 
Will she be able to become nicer before “Cat” completely take her man? 

"Howlsfull Preparatory School" by StormehSims- Duncan


(I had to take a screencap.)

"Revenge" by CaseyCakes99- Danielle

Type: Mom

No Plot Description Available.


"Bite" by PerfectGeekyPicture- Stranger 1 (Episode 4)

"Blood Oath the Visitor" by Shandykey12- Sun & Moon’s mother

Type: Mom

Extra Roles

1. "The Selection" by thegoldencranes

2. "Revival" by TheOnlyException

3. "Forgotten Memories" by StarstoShinex

4. "Arcane" by Sparx Light


1. "My Miserable Life" by bvhfdjva-Claire (Season 3 was discontinued)

Cancelled Series:

  1. "Rewriting History" by HistoryRewriting- Bella 
  2. "Dark Hearted" by Sims3PartyProduction: ?
  3. "For the Love of Linda" by KuuipoWahine34: Minxie 
  4. "Twisted Worlds" by PerfectGeekyPicture: 
  5. "The Secret of Soul" by bvhfdjva- Hana 
  6. "Go with the Flow" by YoMo0910- Angie 
  7. "Overboard" by SummerOfPromise- ?
  8. "Growing Up" by alicemonsterbunny210- Lily 
  9. "Siren’s Circus" by CaraAndMist- Meatah 
  10. "Doing the Impossible" by clowndollface- ?
  11. Season 4 of “California High” by sims4thewin- ?
  12. "Forgotten" by SillyGirl9960- ?
  13. "Sin-Stained Fruit" by LovelyCrystalRoses- ?
  14. "Solitude" by TuxedoPride- ?
  15. "Waiting on Winter" by Sims3PartyProduction- ?
  16. "A Switched Understanding" by simmysavi- Ariel
  17. "Hourglass" by Sims3PartyProduction- ?
  18. "W.H.E.N." by ordinarygirl57- ?
  19. "Assassin Academy" by PromDiva24- J.C. 
  20. "Beach Blondes" by 2good4utyra- Summer’s Mom 
  21. "Painful Reality" by TheDepartedCry-Lily 
  22. "My Feelings" by SuperCleo889- Kaylee 
  23. "We Are Young" by CaseyCakes99- Danielle 
  24. "The Fourteenth Hunger Games" by TheSheltiedog- Dina 
  25. "Best Friends, Maybe" by SweetSkittes- Julie
  26. "Elementas" by StormehSims- Tahlia
  27. "Lost in Hope" by TheSimer10- Karen
  28. "All for One" by AllForOneMachinima- Andrea (Halo Machinima)

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The Wall

Jul 7 '14
Woah, that's alot of roles!
Jul 10 '14
@sherryandbrago1 sorry I thought it was. I haven't seen anything coming out about it, and it doesn't matter anyways because I don't play Bella anymore.

@lonelyeco This needs updated from this week's cast lists. So many new projects!!! <3
@sherryandbrago1 sorry I thought it was. I haven't seen anything coming out about it, and it doesn't matter anyways because I don't play Bella anymore.

@lonelyeco This needs updated fr...See more
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