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Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. 

It is time for yet another CASTING CALL for the Ruse series and I wanted to let you guys know right away. So if you guys don't know by now, 90 percent of the previous cast members were no-shows and pretty much bailed on the project entirely. That means that you guys have dibs on ALL the NEW and OLD CHARACTERS...except Charlie, who's played by one of machinima's best voice talents, AnakiXtaiji.

There is a total of 12 characters available for casting (including old), all of which must be cast. YOU CAN AUDITION and be CAST for MORE THAN ONE ROLE, however, you will have to be very good to take 2 spots on the list. Some characters are a breeze; others, not so much. These characters are a bit older than most in Machinima, so that equals difficulty. But don't sweat it; I know you human beings can be very brilliant at times like these. So, without further or do, take these characters; make them your own and bring a new energy to them. Make them shines far above the last cast and you will grow your own fans.




CONTACT: Feenah200@gmail.com or TheRuseMachinima@gmail.com