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“The girl is dead. The chairman of the literature club, Katherine Klein, is lying there dead with a lily on her hand.

Murder? Suicide? no one knows.

one of the members in the literature club is suspected as the killer.

A week after her death, the literature club held a meeting. They wanted to make a tribute to their beloved chairman by making a short story. On the contrary, their short story turned out to be an exposé on each individual’s perception of the murderer's identity. The six members take turn reading their analysis. but ....


do you ever think to kill someone?”

Coming Soon 


Hey Guys..

I've been thinking to make a movie project with some help from you.

I mean, it's like a collaboration. If you have an interesting story but too lazy to film it, or even dont have time to do it, you can give it to me. I'll try my best to make it happen. Because I'm 100% free right now.

Or if you can make a good decoration, then maybe you can make set for us. You can also make sims if you want. Such a huge collaboration I can say. But I do realise that you have to deal with deadline. If you think you can deal with the deadline, then you may join.

So.. what do you think?