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Well, this is most likely gonna be a long blog.

-First on my list is favicon.

A favicon is the picture or logo you see in the address bar on the left of the url. Well, I finally made one. I think it's pretty unique, I hope you all like it.

-Second, editors.

Well, this has nothing to do with the sims community or this site. But I've been looking for an editor to check my book, but they are so high. I don't blame them or anything, but man, I'm not guaranteed to make it in the book world. I only made 'The Platinum Penguin' because I was bored and felt very creative. But if anyone, could help me out I'd appreciate it. I'll pay, just don't want to pay $300. My book's not even big.

-Third, Site Art

I would really enjoy and like those on the site to join the Site Art contest soon to come. I'm trying to get everyone involved, but if no one does, you can't blame me when you say nothing's happening on DU. Participation makes a site. o_o

-Finally, Channel Art

I'm hoping some will help with channel art, for the DU YouTube channel. But if not, alas, I will do it myself again. o.o

What seems like a reasonable time for a contest due date. Because even for the easy contests everyone says they don't have enough time. What would be enough time?
Well, I'm writing again. I've started on 'Oblivious'. After seeing 'Guardians of the Galaxy' I have more motivation. That move was awesome! 'Oblivious' is a supernatural movie. This script is so diverse, featuring many that are minorities. And they will have lead or impacting roles. You will not forget them. I'm going for Major Motion Picture here. Now I won't try to pitch it, but this is just a warm up for what I will try to pitch. I'm getting back in the mix and college starting back up is the cause of it. When I finish I will ask if any will be willing to help with the filming. If not, it's cool, I will then do it on my own. I'm tryna up it to the next level. Anyone else planning on making a Full Film?
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