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bvhfdjva Jul 10 '14


In the land of Psegonia, there is a war-a war like no other wars. A war where magic and powers dominate and tyranny runs through the kingdoms. Augusto, the Prince of Ignis, must find true love to escape his father's abuse. Annika, the Princess of Terra, wants happiness within all of the lands. Against all odds, will these two band together and save Psegonia?

This is the story of the sons and daughters of the ruthless leaders of Psegonia.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure


For the complete list of characters, please go to my tumblr. They don't all fit here. http://bvhfdjva.tumblr.com/WhereTheWindBlows


Princess Annika of Terra-Lead (ah n n ih k ah ) 

Age: 15

Voice Type: Medium/high

1. (Narrating) “Life in the Terra Kingdom is simple. As winter comes around, we begin our planting. In the summer, we import from the other kingdoms and rely on the wolves to bring us food. Today was the beginning of the harvesting season. It was nice and breezy.”

2. (Distraught, upset, realization) “He wants the other leaders to see me. He wants the other leaders to end the war for the sake of the youth. He wants me to appear weak so that he and my mother, rulers of the Terra Kingdom, could appear strong in the eyes of the Ignis, Aqua, Ventus, and Spiritus Kingdoms.”

3. (Angry) “I just want control over my own wardrobe! Is that too much to ask?!”

Reginam Elizabeth of Terra- Main

ee l ih z uh b eh th 

1. (Coldly) “Would it make sense to you to make it halfway through winter eating summer foods just to run out?”

2. (Angry) “Why have you taken so long?! Annika and I have slaved outside in the merciless sun for hours while each of you sat around and drank coffee!”

3. (Concerned) “Annika? Pumpkin? Are you okay?”

Princess Fawn of Aqua- Supporting Main

Age: 16

Quiet, Friendly, Bubbly

1. (Jokingly, pretending to be angry) did I not warn you when we were kids?! Dungeon!

2. (Concerned, wondering) aren’t you going to marry Victor?

3. (Serious, motherly) How can we possibly plan this out, Annika? There’s no way! We’ve all been stuck in out rooms ever since someone attacked Aqua. If they could end the war, which I doubt, it would be possible to make a road trip, but… I just can’t see it happening.

~Reginam Edith of Spiritus-Main

E - ee - long e 
d - d like in dog 
ith - rhymes with if 

Age: 20

1. (Angry) Do you think I am happy about having to rule this wretched excuse of a kingdom?! I didn’t ask for this war! I inherited it! (Pause, then suddenly becomes a bit depressed) If Aqua and Ignis could get off of their high horse, the other kingdoms would chill out and everyone could go back to their lives. Alas, fire and water do not mix!

2. (Frustrated, then suddenly upset and thinking) Please, Regem Edgar. I am simply playing moderator. Show some respect. My father is no longer with us to do this, and I for one am not nearly as patient as he.

3. (Confused) Annika? What are you doing here?

~Leucosia The Siren- Minor   (l eh f k aw s EE aa )

 Seductively sings

 Medium-low soft, slow voice


1. Sing a slow song of your choice.

2. (Seductively) Come over here, little boy. Shhh. Do not fear us.

3. (Angry) MOLPE! You always ruin everything!


Prince Augusto of Ignis-Lead

Age: 17

1. (Narrating) All seems to work well in the kingdoms, but the war of the fairy kingdoms makes all of Psegonia suffer a great struggle,-

2. (Screams in pain, angry) “Don’t screw with me!”

3. (Feel good, flirty) I can’t believe he proposed after you smacked him! Mind my language, but DAMN! (Laughs)

Prince Thomas of Ignis-Main

Age: 16

1. (Laughs) “Oh relax, cousin. I want nothing to do with your precious heritage.”

2. (Concerned) No, seriously. How do you plan on pulling this off?

Prince Victor of Ventus-Main

Age: 15

1. (Politely) Fantastic, domina mea. If I may, I would love to have a dance with Princess Annika.

2. (Mean, know-it-all) that will never happen, Annika. You are so naive.  Don’t you get it? It’s never going to stop. My father said that as long as Edgar is in power, everyone else has to pay the price.

3. (Whispering) relax. Do not worry. (Normal, to the Regem and Reginam) If I may have your blessing, Regem Charles and Reginam Elizabeth, I would like to take your daughter’s hand in marriage.

Extra Info

Auditioning Rules

1. Please be dedicated. 


3. Have a good, clear mic. 

4. Have fun! 

5. Don’t be afraid to show off or experiment. 

6. Please do 3 takes.


I encourage you to audition for more than one role! However, you do not have to audition for all of them (unless you want to. I brought the long auditions upon myself). I also encourage you to audition for the extras. If you do not fit the other characters, anybody can play an extra so long as they coincide with the rules above.

Because we will be working together, please include the following in the description of your audition/in the context of your email:

o   Username

o  Time zone

o   Best Method of Contact (Email, YouTube, Skype, etc.)

When you send in your audition, please keep all of it in the same file and label it with your username. Thank you.

I do hope you all enjoy this machinima project, and I cannot wait to work with all of you!

Pronunciation Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQRy_JklqR4

The pronunciation guide will help you not cry! I recommend it!

Email:  wherethewindblows.bvhfdjva@gmail.com                               

Deadline: Friday, August 8, 2014

bvhfdjva Jul 10 '14
I literally took out over half of the cast to make this fit! Please go to my tumblr for a complete list of characters and audition lines! http://bvhfdjva.tumblr.com/WhereTheWindBlows I also took out a lot of the plot overview x.x I need to stop having big casts! Lol! Thank you and I hope you all consider auditioning for Where the Wind Blows! The more auditions, the better!
Lonelyeco Sep 8 '14
Looks interesting. Are you still taking auditions?