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AussieMe Jul 28 '14

The perfect life is something that seventeen year old Brooklyn thought she had, but that was until her world came crashing down around her and she got sent to an all-girls boarding school. After just a few days of being there something bad happens and all of the clues point to Brooklyn making her the number one suspect. Her new friends all stick by her side to help her solve the mystery, but there is someone at the school who refuses to let her find out the truth.

Characters up for auditions:





Mr. Bridges

Brooklyn's Mother

Brooklyn's Father


School girl #1

School girl #2


For a view on what the characters look like, check out the casting call using this link: https://www.youtube.com/...5VzSAzGWNy6eFmeQgwMN


Phoebe (Pronounced Fee-Bee):

Line 1: They're my babies, they stay with me

Line 2: *Nervous, cautious* Look, Brooklyn, there's something important that I need to tell you. It's about-

Line 3: *Fake niceness* No, Mr. Bridges. I was just going back to my room to do that work you assigned us. So, I'll be off now. *Whispering* I'll talk to you later

Cassie (Pronounced Cah-see):

Line 1: *Shy* Hey, I'm Cassie. But you can call me Cass if you want. Only if you want to though! *Trying to be nice, sucking up* I mean, we are roommates, so, yeah- Uh, I'll be reading, if you need anything just ask!*Under breath, talking to herself* Great going stupid, now she thinks you're a freak. You are a freak! No I'm not! Yeah you are, you're talking to yourself! Shit! *Out loud* Uh, aha

Line 2: That's Mr. Bridges, he is a total hottie and has all of the girls at his feet-

Line 3: Oh, I knew that.. Sort of.. Okay, not really

Jessa (Pronounced Jess-ah):

Line 1: Awe, your little kitty cat is soooo cute! Can I pet her?

Line 2: You must be seeing things. There is no such thing as ghosts, or witches, or whatever that voodoo crap you are talking about is! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a teacher to hunt down. She gave me the wrong revision questions and if I fail tomorrows test, then I'll just die!

Line 3: *Childish, pranking* Oh my god! What is that?*Pause* Ahaha, I can't believe you fell for that!

Lizzy (Pronounced Liz-ee):

Line 1: Get out of the way! I have some gossip to spread, haha!

Line 2: I-I don't know what you're talking about

Line 3: Fine, I'll join you guys on your little ghost tour. But only because I'm your roommate *Pause* Okay, and it seems kinda fun

Brooklyn's Mother:

Line 1: Where have you been? It's almost midnight!

Line 2: It's just until things get sorted out here-


Line 1: Miss Brooklyn Nobles, I presume?

Line 2: I hope you find your stay here enjoyable

School girl #1

Line 1: Oh my god! He is sooo hawt!

Line 2: Ugh, get away from me, freak!

School girl #2

Line 1: I know right? I could just melt!

Line 2:*Teasing* I wouldn't be making enemies with a murderer if I were you, she'll probably kill us while we sleep

Maleor Female:


Line 1: Okay, we'll make sure to contact her parents as soon as possible.


Mr. Bridges (PronouncedBrid-jes):

Line 1: I'll take your bags and show you to the headmistress's office

Line 2: Miss Noble, I'd like to speak to you

Line 3: *Sharp* Is there an issue, Miss Rowan?

Brooklyn's Father:

Line 1: You know exactly where I was, we discussed it a couple of days ago!

Line 2: Well I am glad she left, she was ungrateful and disrespectful!

Extra Info:

Send the audition to xxaussieme@gmail.com named along the lines of 'These Monsters Audition- [The name you want to go by]'. Example: These Monsters Audition- Aussie Me


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