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sherryandbrago1 Aug 9 '14
I was thinking (with other hobbies/groups) have a monthly themed video thingy. It can be a contest or whatever. It'll help get some of those creative juices flowing that we directors and writers need!

What do you guys think? :D

Lonelyeco Aug 11 '14
I want to do that. And I will try, but for some reason many don't want to participate usually. But I shall give it another shot!
sherryandbrago1 Aug 11 '14
I think we'll start doing it when people aren't so busy! :D
AussieMe Aug 11 '14
I think it's a good idea! But maybe the reason people aren't participating much is because they only have a month to plot and plan and film and edit it all together. I know some people don't take that long, but if they don't have an idea to go from and can take longer and be harder
sherryandbrago1 Aug 12 '14
I'd say the limit for each video would be no longer than 5 minutes. Make a short story! :D
Lonelyeco Aug 12 '14
Yeah, the length would make it easier to complete, unless someone would want to be complicate. What theme were you thinking about? We could discuss on how to make it happen and how things should go about.
sherryandbrago1 Aug 13 '14
I was thinking having it be this month's events related, such as back to school!
Lonelyeco Sep 5 '14
Hmm, you have something there. I was thinking of having a panel so we could discuss what themes, when to let the out, how to advertise, and the rules to the contest. Would you be interesting in being a part of the panel?
sherryandbrago1 Sep 12 '14
Sure! :D
Lonelyeco Nov 7 '14
Alright. I'm gonna get to work on it. Well, hold on, I have one out, could you check if everything looks okay. It's the Christmas/New Year Contest
sherryandbrago1 Nov 8 '14
Everything looks ok!