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Lonelyeco Aug 12 '14
Hello all. I'm posting this to let others know what makes a film.

The contemporary definition of cinema is the art of simulating experiences, that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty or atmosphere by the means of recorded or programmed moving images along with other sensory stimulations. (http://en.wikipedia.org/)

What this is basically saying is a film is suppose to relate a message that activates your senses. To just film a person with another, but no relative message is not portraying a film. Picture a camera circling a person, but the person is just smiling or a camera focusing on two people but it isn't showing how they feel or how something gets solved, that is not a film.

Machinima is film made with games so the same rule applies. If you see your machinima not following these guidelines, then it is not actually machinima. Machinima is an art form just like film as to where it entices the emotions and convey messages.

I hope this helps those who wanted to know what makes a film or machinima.

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theeloniancass Aug 14 '14
*Thumbs up* Nowadays we see the word Machinima thrown away, used way too lightly. Every little video uploaded with random shots panning pretty sims doing nothing but random stuff is apparently considered one. Hey, whatever floats those director's boat lol but it kinda gives a bad name to those who actually put some effort into something.
Who knows, maybe that's part of the reason some people in the community are losing interest in it, but that's just me. *I could ramble about this issue for hours haha*
Lonelyeco Aug 16 '14
*high five* It could be the reason why many are losing interest. I usually tell anyone who uploads a film like that here that is not actually machinima, but a testing of filming, but not actually a completed machinima. I wish we would get back to being serious about machinima like we use to.
I agree, I find myself thinking the same way sometimes. I understand we have alot of new people in the community who are just getting started and are doing their best. But I feel that alot of them don't understand the meaning of the word at all and I'm glad someone clarified its meaning.
Lonelyeco Aug 20 '14
Thanks MoreSims3Productions. That's exactly why I did this. So we could possible gain more quality machinima.