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belliconechi Aug 13 '14

Flats is a comedy/drama series about various characters who live in the same building and face trouble and hilarity every day. I need some extra roles for season one (which has about 2-3 episodes left) and minor characters that appear in season two.

Season two will mainly focus on an old friend of the main protagonist looking for her son in Paris. 

Please notice that I'm fully okay with girls auditioning for guys (with or without pitch, depending on how it sounds)! Also, any accent.

Season 1 characters

Memmet Pawlet (Liya's dad, male, important minor)
He makes a sudden appearance in main character Liya's life after neglecting her for almost 30 years, stirring up quite the trouble. He will have lots of talking parts starting in season one but having the main point in season two.

Tone: deep, maybe raspy

Line 1: You have your mothers eyes.
Line 2: I- I don't know what your mother told you, but I never wanted to leave you.

Cady (female, child, minor/extra)

She is a very pretty and cute girl (about 7 years old) but everytime she opens her mouth she does nothing but cuss.

Tone: high, angry

Line 1: I get nothing but fucking compliments since mom put me in this shitty dress holy fuck am I not pretty otherwise or what

Cady's dad (male, recurring extra)

Tone: Medium, cheery

Line 1: Yes, they can go on a playdate anytime!

Elementary School Director (male, recurring extra)

Tone: medium

Line 1: Good morning Miss Kramstein, have you turned on the printer yet?

Nurse (female, extra)

Line: Well, Miss Neu and Miss Borman, please come with me!

Doctor 1 and Doctor 2 (any gender, extra)

Doctor 1: Yes, I will perfrom surgery here. Or will Doctor Pümmert?
Doctor 2: I think Doctor Pümmert!

Doctor 1: Huh? I thought I would do it!

Doctor 2: We better ask!

Season 2 characters

Nessa (female, important minor)
She will have a big talking part in season two, since the whole plotline focusses around her backstory with main character Fenja. Her son was abducted by his father, who got her pregnant in school and made a leave for it. Now she is looking for him in Paris and seeking revenge. She will go very dark after some time, so I need a powerful voice for her that can be emotional.

Tone: medium, would appreciate accent, strong

Line 1: We really need to find him today!
Line 2: That asshole deserves worse than that. Don't you remember what he did to us?

Gerry (male, minor)
They guy who kidnapped his own son and screwed up the life of Nessa. He is a dark and ruthless character, so his voice must be able to sound sarcastic and evil.

Tone: medium-deep, amused

Line 1: Since when do you have a gun license, Nessa? Damn, you look hot right now!
Line 2: Nessa... Nessa... you can't shoot me, the father of your child!

Max (male, recurring extra)
He seems to be interested in minor character Prisquita. His intentions are not quite clear.

Tone: medium-high, friendly

Line 1: So uh, would you like to grab dinner with me?

Max's sister (female, maybe recurring extra)

Tone: not important

Line 1: So find out!

Annet's Chef (male, recurring extra)
Head of the local newspaper. Uncaring, self-centered. Some events will bring him a scissor in the belly, so yeah, must be able to show emotion.

Tone: deep

Line 1: IF we employ you. After all, you haven't worked for a long time.

Send the lines to belliconechi@googlemail.com! If you audition, you will definetly get a role, since I always need new voices! :) And try out for more than one character if you like!

There is no deadline yet, but I need the season one people fast.

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Kamisama_nanami Nov 15 '14
hmm... i'm thinking about it (maybe sure) but my mom and dad are still in the house (my house is a no cursing house so maybe someother day i will send you the lines (p.s. if you want me to voice act send the lines ASAP! because my internet is going to be gone later