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Lonelyeco Jun 14 '14

Video Moderating Staff:


How to Add Videos





Links work sometimes also.


- 5 videos per member per day

-MEP's (Only finished projects|Only 1 person to upload it)

-Trailers (Has to play off like a trailer)

-Teasers [Excluding movies](Up to 1 minute no less than 10 seconds)

-SMV's (Sim Music Videos), Machinima, Series', Movies (Short or Full)


-LP's (Let's Plays)


-Gameplay not in the form of Let's Play's

-Real life TV footage or movies that take up 1/4 of your video. (Videos greenscreened on Sims TV accepted)

-Porn or extreme violence depicted (No dissecting eyeballs on screen|ex. Hostel)

-Embedding machinima that is not yours

-Multiple uploads of the same video


-Detailed frontal nudity


More Info on Video Uploads
If you submit more than 5 videos, your remaining videos will be automatically denied without warning. You may upload the videos denied the next day or 24 hours if you uploaded at 10 pm.

More Info on Gameplay
Gameplay includes building Lots or Characters in CAS Screens, test videos, literal gameplay, etc.

More info on Real Life TV footage

It is fine to include footage from other video games, or Live Action films but not without Sims Machinima in the majority of the film’s length. You must also credit the footage used in the description or in the credits of your video.

More info on Porn 

Videos that show sexual content in the form of body parts in action are considered porn, whether clothed or not. (This means 3/4 of the body is shown in a sexual act or the bottom area is conducting a sexual act.) Private areas that are in detail are not allowed to be showed. The butt of the sim and breast are permitted.

More info on Extreme Violence

Videos that show mutilation(dissection) of any part of the body are strictly prohibited. We don't have the option to lock videos where only the correct age can view certain content. But wouldn't enable it anyway just to make sure many wouldn't lie on their age.

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