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belliconechi Sep 22 '14

So I'm in the hard and tiring process of making a sims 4 series. Here is a teaser if you're interested: http://youtu.be/ZxnyxPJBoPI

At first this might seem like the stereotypical love story, but I promise it will be as unconventional as I can make it. 
ALL characters must be able to curse/swear and stuff like that. Especially the teenagers probably won't drop a sentence without something offensive in it, so be prepared for that (I took out any swear words in the audition lines). It will get emotional, so I expect crying/screaming to be possible for every Voice Actor. Any accent, any gender, any age. Like I don't even care about your species, just audition if you want to.

If you audition I also expect you to stick with me - no quitting. It's okay not to have the lines in time if you keep me updated, but I won't put up with general unprofessionalism.


Julien: A hot headed, grumpy and still ambitious character. He is the main guy in the series since it will focus around his relationship with Ailou. Especially as teenager he likes to ironically pick on his friends for fun and accidently ruins any emotional or romantic moments.He might be a little negative, but he is still confident and works on his goals in life.If you audition for Julien, please make sure to audition for ALL the ages! (Even tho I might pick someone else for different ones)

Julien TEENAGER and ADULT lines:

Line 1: "See this is what I mean whenever someone of us makes any plans they never work out because we're all lazy people that drool trough the day hoping that we don't have to move a lot"

Line 2: "Wow look at how much fun I'm having eating overpriced burgers in some awful restaurant"

Line 3: "Are you kidding me? Sean is ALWAYS sick. It's because he's inside all day since he'd rather sit on his flat butt playing video games instead of going outside to confront the real world"

Julien CHILD lines:

Line 1: "Stupid, like your face."

Line 2: "What tragic event made you so ironic anyway"

Line 3: "*sighs* I'm Julien. What about you? Wonder Woman?"

Ailou: Ailou is the main character of this series. She will narrate trough her story in every episode.She moved to another town with her family when she was eight, and after she got picked on for some time she made friends. She is everything but shy though, she always stands up for herself and the people she likes and does that mostly trough arguments.Teen and child versions will be voiced by me.

Ailou ADULT lines:

Line 1: "You see this couple right there? This man right there. Well, he is the love of my life. Heh. I'm sure you wonder why it's not me in that pretty white dress then. I have to admit, it's kind of a long story. But since I'm having an inner monolouge anyway, might as well tell you."

Line 2: "How is a daily diet of pizza a personality"Line 3: "You know, the only reason birds sing is because they want to attract mate so actually, we're surrounded by small horny birds and if someone was to translate what they were saying it would probably be a bad pick up line"

Faith: Something like the mastermind of the group. She focuses a lot on school and studying and always tries her best. Her family was never really successful so she wants to show what she is capable of.

Line 1: "Do you remember what I mentioned earlier about hating all of you"

Line 2: "That worthless part counts for you guys only, just to be clear"Line 3: "By the way, we're all teenagers so we have the legit right to complain about anything"

Lissy:  Likes to view herself as bad girl. She has blue hair and quite a few tattoos to boost her self-esteem. Being social and outgoing makes her kinda nervous, but she tries to be as confident as it gets.

Line 1: "No but seriously she is right all we ever do is complain that's like the basis of our friendship"

Line 2: "Positive much?"

Line 3: "So I just spend like 10 euro on a Burger and I'm surrounded by old people I knew this was gonna suck"

Carolin: A really sweet girl. She wants her friends to be happy and not to take life that serious all the time. She likes to wear cute dresses and dancing. Her biggest dream is finding "true love. Happy ever after.

Line 1: "Not everyone is so focused on school like you Faith, and it's way nicer to just go out and have fun with friends!"

Line 2: "I think we should go outside, I mean it's nice today and it's not like you geeks get a lot of fresh air"

Line 3: "You make me kinda sick you know that right...?"


There will be way more characters than shown in the video. Audition for them with the following lines. I need adults, teens and kids. Depending on your talent and determination you can voice a major, minor or extra part. Just toy around with the lines a bit! :)

Line 1: "Trying to impress the new girl or what?"

Line 2: "I just don't get you to be honest."

Line 3: "I hate this place. There is nothing you can do here."

Line 4: "You're home late, what did you do all day?"

Line 5: "Come on down, your friend is here!"

Line 6: *something emotional, be creative!*

Send auditions to belliconechi@gmail.com I'm looking forward to hear your voices! :)

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