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MegaMiniMuffins Nov 7 '14
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but...

There are definitely a lot of writers in the Sims community, while filming and editing is just something that takes up too much time for some people (I do homeschooling, it's usually alright for me), so I was wondering if anyone needs someone to film and/or edit for them. I'm completely out of ideas as of right now when it comes to a series, so a separate writer is always an option. I could provide more 'details' if anyone is actually interested. :)
Lonelyeco Nov 7 '14
Hey, I wanted to collab with a fellow YouTube simmer and make a film or couple of skits that we could put on each others' channel. Would you be interested? I can write all of the scripts and whatnot, I would just need some help casting.
MegaMiniMuffins Nov 8 '14
Sure! Could you private message me more about the film? I'll be happy to start a casting call - simmers usually like to participate in those.