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AsheeeTruth Oct 14 '15
So I'm starting a series that involves guns. However, I'm having a problem with getting a gun to fit in the sims hand while they pose. Also, all vampcat (person who created the guns) guns link seem to be lost except for one (the working handgun with silencer). If anyone can give me tips or know other pose boxes, mobs, and guns I can use would be great.  
Lonelyeco Oct 14 '15
Do you have the gun as an accessory?
AsheeeTruth Oct 15 '15
hey Lonelyeco! thanks for responding...no its an object that can be used
Lonelyeco Oct 16 '15
If you send me the accessory I should be able to make it an accessory. It's been a while, but I believe I can still do it.
AsheeeTruth Oct 18 '15
Omg!! Thank you!!!! Your same email right? 
Lonelyeco Oct 18 '15