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Lonelyeco Jun 16 '14
Panel Rating Staff:


All videos posted on Directors United must go through a quick process of approval.  The main reason for this moderating process is to maintain a consistent search engine within the network to allow for a quick and effective database prompt.  So please recognize that, for this reason, when you submit a video to Directors United, YOUR TITLE AND TAGS WILL MOST LIKELY BE CHANGED.  However, if you feel that the editing of your title has hindered your creativity in any way, please contact us. 


Your video will also go through what we call a Panel Reading, this reading is a pre-screened rating for our viewers at the Video Moderator's discretion. 

Panel Ratings

-All Ages (Suitable for babies on up)

-10+ (Theme or content may not be suitable for children under 10 years)

-14+ (Suitable for ages 14 and up. May contain violence, mild language [up to 5 profane words|F word = 6 profane words], mild horror, cigarettes, mild nudity, and/or mild suggestive scenes)

-18+ (Suitable for ages 18 and up. Most likely will contain, explicit violence, strong language [6 and up profane words], strong horror, strong nudity, any use of illegal drugs or alcohol, and/or sexual conduct)

Machinima Porn is not allowed here.

Once your video is approved, the rating will be available in the title and description.

Removing the Panel Rating or Moderator Signature will result in removal of your film. If it was done in error, please contact a member of the staff.



Questions and concerns are more than welcomed below!

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