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Lonelyeco May 16 '16
Hello everyone. I'm looking for people who are willing to help create a masterpiece. I am hoping you all and myself we can create a short film on outstanding proportions. He are the talents that I am looking for.


Video Editors


Custom Content Creators

Voice Actors/Actress'

2nd Director

If you have any other talent, let me know and I will see what I can do.


-For any talent you pick I will need to see your work or hear it. :)

-You must have some type of passion in getting this project done.

-Commitment (I am serious. I know school gets in the way, but this can be done during the summer.)

-Creativity and flexibility with ideas. I will also exhibit this.

-Sims 2 for interacting with characters.

-Sims 4 for background environment. (Not a definite requirement)

Please do not be scared to be a part of the project. Each person matters. Let's show the world sim directors and creators are just as good as everyone else!

The idea of starting a collab came from watching Uncharted 4's team who work so hard to bring top quality games. Let's do this with Machinima.

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LouisFarrah May 28 '16
I'm down. Always have been. I've been recently dealing with being ripped off by Warner Bros, once again. 


This is a bit off topic but it will eventually get back on track. I am discovering that I have been shadowed by major film studios and online thieves sense I started writing in 2007, with an online script website called Celtx. 


A YEAR later, the site locked all script content from it's users and erased the data base so that none of your content could be accessed. After 2 more years, the site opens up again and Celtx is no longer a FREE screen writing software and you can only purchase the software. 

Shortly after I began to see some of my STORY plots and IDEAS being displayed in a poor attempt of cover up, on a show FROM WARNER BROS called "Nakita".

That was the beginning of the harassment. Now, almost 9 years later, they figured out how to track me with "Google Alerts" and other resources that hack your emails and track your IP addresses.

To sum it all up, Warner has stolen from my most recent possession....The Ruse!!

They have also stolen from all of my uploads and reverse-engineered them. Using techniques like figure-ground reversals and character identity swaps, they have almost cleverly done it again. But this time, I caught them red handed I have a SHOT 4 SHOT list of shit they mimicked and will be displaying it soon.

So...as regards to your request I would like to be involved ow ever, I have my own agreements that have to be met.

LouisFarrah May 28 '16

sound design(movie scores), Story Design, Special Effects

LouisFarrah May 28 '16
The story has be something I would enjoy working on...
Lonelyeco May 28 '16
I see what you mean. I am happy an Asian is getting the spotlight, but they are stealing. I know this upsets you very much. Working very hard on an outstanding script and you find out someone has stolen your ideas and plot claiming them as their own. This upsets me. On another note, I am extremely happy you are willing to be a part of this project. What ever terms you have, PM them to me and I'll try my hardest to meet them. Now for the story, this is actually one that I have written as a book and is copyrighted so we shouldn't have any problems with thieves.... I hope. But the film rights will be split with you. I hope I'm saying this right. If we happen to be able to receive financial gain, it will be split evenly. I would have to speak to EA on that. NOW, on to the plot. Also, if you have any suggestions or questions, let me know.

Title: The Platinum Penguin

Genre: Drama|Thriller|Romance


While out walking with her friends, Kiyana finds a platinum encrusted penguin in a group of bushes. She tells one of her friends, Chingé, and they decide to hide it until they find how much it is worth. But while doing this they get attacked. Once they find this jewelry all type of chaos happens. Someone goes home while another finds home.


Kiyana, one of the main characters, finds a piece of jewelry, that she tries to hide until she gets the value of it and sell it. Without knowing, some one had already witness her find it and wants it back. This person is related to someone she knows, and has a vendetta against the person along with some pent up anger.

I would give more info, but don't want others to know the whole plot.

Rating: PG-13 or R

(Will contain language and violence (Possibly partial nudity)

Language: English|Spanish|Japanese (little)

I hope you are still interested. And keep up with your endeavors, still a fan. :)

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