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Lonelyeco Mar 25 '17


Cinematography: Nice soft colors. It gives a sense of warmth yet chilliness. Very attractive look.
Actors: The actors were really good. Some seemed to lack relatability to their character, others were right on point. A couple actors/actress' may need a better mic so they can be heard more clearly.
Tone: Very intense. Right off the bat, you can sense there is something going on already.
Music and Sound: The music and sound are mostly very clear. The music is aligned well with all of the other sound in the film.
Writing: This is one on the best scripts I've seen in a while in the Sims community. I can tell by how the character lines are written, how much detail was put into each one. The way certain character lines are and the way the actors say them tell me exactly how a character's personality is.
Soundtrack: This is how you know when someone is passionate about what they do. Louis Farrah has made an official original soundtrack for his project "THE RUSE". I have seen no other sims machinima director do this except him. And this needs to be a continued thing in sim machinima.
Editing: This, this is what yanked me in to watch this from the beginning. The way the film looks and handles itself is on a Hollywood level. This could compete with many blockbusters. The panning, angles, and effects are just breathtaking. Each scene is calculated and planned out from the look of things
Set design: This is something that many beginners and even veterans tend to neglect, set design. Without a good set design, the machinima doesn't have as much impact as it could. "THE RUSE: Chapter 1" does not have this problem. Each decor item is placed just in the right place and wallpaper is chosen carefully to ensure believability in each scene.

Overall: If you are looking for a sim film to show what can be accomplished with a director using The Sims 2 as a platform, this would be the film to watch. This can be enjoyed by those familiar with Sim Machinima and those not, but love movies.

Rating: 4.9/5

Directors United
Title: THE RUSE: Chapter I "Deliverance"
Panel Rating: 18+ *Due to language*
Category: Series
Genre: Action/Thriller
Link: http://directorsunitedsims.net/video/view/209
Generation: Sims 2

Note: There are rating bars on Directors United located on the page of the video. Go rate it.

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