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  • Well, long time to type, but I've been busy with school and what not. Recently I've gotten up the ne...
    · Feb 6 '16
  • Well, I was just browsing Google looking if I could monetize my machinima and I found this form EA h...
    2 comments · Oct 17 '15
  • Here's the 1st The Sims 4: Get Together trailer. The Sims 4: Get Together
    · Aug 10 '15

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  • Lonelyeco
    Lonelyeco commented on MrSimsFanatic's status
    I forgot. I wanted to mentioned i returned after three years of total MIA.

    I got two series planned ahead.

    Just keep in mind. Over and out!
  • Lonelyeco
    Lonelyeco commented on LouisFarrah's video
    A new video "THE RUSE: Chapter I "Deliverance" (18+)" has been added
    Story Info: http://durs99.ning.com/forum/topics/t... Cast:  AnakiXtaiji (Charlie Mason) OmgllolxD D (Scott Pruco) VoicyChic (Tesla McM...
  • Lonelyeco
    Lonelyeco commented on Tickled007 and Lilrie24 now being friends
  • Lonelyeco
    Lonelyeco liked sherryandbrago1's status
    I think when I come back to the community, it's as NicoleEpicFail. I'm barely active on sherryandbrago1.
    Aug 22 '16
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  • Lonelyeco
    Lonelyeco commented on sherryandbrago1's status
    Loving the sound quality of my new mic (and it doesn't pick up my squeaky ceiling fan, so I don't have to die from heat for lines!) I don't know, maybe i'll come back.


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Jan 18 '16
Hey! I've just been busy with school and such. How have you been?
Sep 3 '14
I appreciate your warm welcome, and the YT post!
Aug 9 '14
Thanks for the welcome! :) And about the space in the name thing, could'a, would'a, should'a, but wayyyyy to lazy to change it now. Haha :3
Aug 6 '14
Thank you for your comment, glad to be on board :)
Jul 19 '14
Thanks for re-opening DU here. I like this web host more than Ning :)
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