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  • MzRazberri
    I think a revive would be great, there are so many simmers on tumblr who do videos and such and if we could make a page for DURS on tumblr then other simmers could see the site and add to it.
    Jul 4 '15
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  • MzRazberri
    Is there anyway we could revive the site, i have a tumblr and there's a wide variety of simmers I think that can add to the site.
    Jul 4 '15
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  • MzRazberri
    I'm loving the new sight. Can't wait til more people join.
    Jun 15 '14
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  • MzRazberri
    MzRazberri liked Lonelyeco's status
    Welcome Odd Dove Glad to have here!
    Jun 13 '14
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  • MzRazberri
    hey everyone!


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