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  • beeuhmazzing_
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    First video uploaded on here (took me long enough, haha). It's a Let's Play in the Sims 4! Let me know what you think!
    Sep 28 '14
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  • beeuhmazzing_
    So I debuted my kid voice in 2 auditions and one said that I needed more work on it. Problem is, i'm drawing a blank on what else I could do to improve it. :(
    Sep 28 '14
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  • beeuhmazzing_
    beeuhmazzing_ commented on their status
    in the end I like SOME things about the sims 4 but I dont think I'll be making a series with it. The sims 4 is going to be strictly for game play.
  • beeuhmazzing_
    Feeling a tad discouraged.

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Jul 6 '14
Welcome Beeuhmazzing_!!


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