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  • bvhfdjva
    Winter break is a beautiful thing. No school, no homework, no papers, and all Sims. Working on episode 4 of All My Scars now for the collab, and then it's Where the Wind Blows!
    Dec 10 '14
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  • bvhfdjva
    bvhfdjva commented on their status
    I told myself no Sims until the script is done, but I also said I'm not allowed to do the script until homework is done. Homework is never done. I'm sad. :(
  • bvhfdjva
    bvhfdjva liked Shandykey's status
    I added the credits for Blood Oath today :) in the begging not the end. I'm not that far xD. I upload a voiced overed scene this week for you :D and then Trailer :), maby I'll keep this until SIFF, or I do something different. We will see :)
    Jul 19 '14
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  • bvhfdjva
    bvhfdjva commented on Shandykey's status
    Sims 2 is trying to test me. This game crashes every second scene. It uses every bit of my 12 GB Ram, but it's still not satisfied! Loading takes so long while loading I'm able to finish two missions in Saints Row 2 while messing with every Gang....! Rage mode on.
  • bvhfdjva
    bvhfdjva » kanonlullabies commented on their status
    Zoeeee I wuv you and welcome :3333 You get cookies of welcoming!
    Jul 10 '14
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Jan 2 '16
Hey, how's it been? What ya been up to? :)


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