Unbalanced: Sea. 3 Ep. 6 (18+)

La'Trees starts to write music again. Na'Shell runs into Detective Lopez while out shopping. Terrie asks Jamal to meet her parents.

[Panel Rating by Lonelyeco]

The Wall

Jun 27 '14
I loved this episode. That's the perfect song to show how Latrees is feeling. I can't wait until episode 7
Jul 10 '14
Im curious about chace wifes cousn and what could go down with bradley and latresse.thank u for the update :-D!
Jul 11 '14
Your welcome....more coming soon
Jul 19 '14
I think you are amazing at your work. Contact me for a spot on Sims World TV. I would love to speak with you about the opportunity for your shows.
Aug 8 '14
good episode i like chace and ashley
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