Unlucky: Sea. 1 Episode 2 (14+)

Previously, Donna Muller had miraculously awoken up from the death-defying coma and shockingly caught her beloved husband cheating, as did Shannon. Shannon runs into a guy at the hospital where her mother is staying. And her friends James and Kellie support Shannon through her troubled life.

In this episode, the Muller parents have a cantankerous feud that shatter's Shannon's family forever, and the results are quite drastic. James Anderson becomes deadly paranoid, as he confesses his situation to Shannon. Kellie DeMarco has the party of the year, and Shannon gets a kiss from the guy of her dreams. The raging party brings out the true selves of everyone.

All the music from this video comes from a website called www.freeplaymusic.com

------Panel rating by JakunenNeesan

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