Unlucky: Sea. 1 Episode 3 (14+)

Previously on Unlucky: James shockingly confessed to Shannon about having a cyber-stalker that might have devastating impact later on. Manny reveals to Shannon how he feels about her in hopes of creating some form of a relationship. Kellie's biggest party raged on while her parents were away.

In this episode: Shannon is terrified at the results of Kellie's rager. Kellie comes over to Shannon's house with upsetting news involving herself and her family. A new girl arrives in Sunset Valley with a proposition that could change everything and help the friendship between Shannon , James , and Kellie last. Also, James' life might be hanging on the line at the hands of a dangerous unknown. All the music in this video comes from a website called freeplaymusic.com. Enjoy!


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The Wall

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