Unlucky: Sea. 1 Episode 4 (14+)

Hello, guys. I'm back with episode 4, and this took a little longer then usual because I'm on vacation, in Maine! I hope you guys enjoy it, as I enjoyed making it! All the music I got from all the videos are from www.freeplaymusic.com. Mostly all my CC come from modthesims.com

In this episode: Mrs. Anderson discovers that James disappeared, with only glasses left behind. James is forced to do orders, under some deadly pressure. Shannon, Brittany, and Kellie examine the apartment with the clock ticking out. Nikki Anderson desperately calls for help from James' friends, Shannon and Kellie. James meets a young boy in the same deadly circumstances. Shannon and Kellie come to a shocking realization. Someone unknown is eliminating the people that Shannon Muller love, but who, where, and mostly important, why ?

[Panel Rating by Lonelyeco]

The Wall

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