Unlucky: Sea 1. Episode 5 (14+)

Back yet again with an all new episode. I'm getting these out so quickly. I did this episode in ONE DAY. I have NO life. xD But yeah, this one was fun to make.

In this episode: Shannon and Kellie talk about tactics with Mrs. Anderson, on how to find James, and Brittany joins in later. James and Blake reveal their sexuality, and their pasts. They also talk about how the world views them. Blake makes a reassuring promise to James. The mysterious Mr. X has a change of plans. Brittany puts herself in danger's way, to examine the true reason why the apartment was stolen from her friends. James, Blake and Brittany reunite under some heated circumstances. Shannon and Kellie and Mrs. Anderson finally may have a clue to where James is . . . But it's not what Shannon excepts because the facts are too shocking. All the music in this  video come from a website called www.freeplaymusic.com ! Enjoy !

[Panel Rating by Lonelyeco]

The Wall

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