Unlucky: Sea 1. Episode 6 (14+)

Well, I am so sorry for the such long delay, I was so swamped with homework and school, and now I had the chance! None of the music is mine. I got some of the music from a website called www.freeplaymusic.com and I got a song called 'Requiem for a Dream' I got it from a website called www.beemp3.com, these music was very helpful in imporving the dramaticiness of the episode!

In this episode: Kellie comes to the Muller's mansion with a shocking discovery, but is given a helpful hand by the loyal friend, Shannon. Brittany, James, and Blake's situation is getting more tensed by the second. Mrs. Anderson recieves a haunting phone call by the unknown, tired of secrets, she is determined to find her son. Shannon tries to cheer up Kellie, after the massive betrayal from her family. The lives of Brittany, James, and Blake is deep and grave danger. How much are you willing to do to protect the one you love? Well, watch and see! :D Enjoy!


Panel rating by JakunenNeesan

The Wall

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