Unlucky: Sea 1. Episode 7 (14+)

Hello, people! I am back with another episode! :D Um, this episode is a very emotional one, it affects all the people that were involved in the heated circumstances in episode 6. There is two songs that I got from www.beemp3.com they're called (The) Nadia's Theme, and My Immortal, the rest of the songs are from www.freeplaymusic.com, all these music definitely helped the episode show it's sadness. I hope you enjoy this episode, even if it is sad! BUT, there is only 3 EPISODES, left of Season 1! I hope you guys are excited as me! :D

In this episode: Shannon and Kellie, speak out their inner thoughts until a disturbing interruption ruins the moment. Mrs. Muller finds the answer to everyone's question, but she handles it poorly. In the apartment complex, there is a lot of unanswered questions, you don't really get to see what went on in the apartment, Mrs. Muller, Shannon and Kellie, band together, to save the lives of their friends, but once they arrive, they question themselves . . . Are they too late? Mrs. Anderson, is the last one to know about this stunning revealation, the episode would have been too long, so I cropped it out for episode 8 ! Enjoy! See you at EPISODE 8! :D


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The Wall

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