Unlucky: Sea 1. Episode 8 (10+)

Hello, everyone! I am sorry that this got out so late, it was because of Hurricane Sandy. I lost power, and I couldn't work on it. I had fun doing this episode, because I was able to go back to the previous episodes, and have a stroll down memory lane. xD This really doesn't progress any new stories, but it has a lot of flash backs. This episode is like a review of everything that has happened with James' kidnap. What happened in the apartment is that Mr. X was aiming for Brittany, and then Blake jumped in front of her, to save her, but then Mr. X turned the gun point, and aimed at James, who was shot, Blake then knocked out Mr. X. I just explained this because of those who might have a hard understanding of what went down. xD All the music in this video comes from a website called www.freeplaymusic.com!

In this episode: Shannon, Kellie, Donna (Mrs. Muller), Brittany, and Blake, band together, to tell a questioning detective, the story of what happened. But at the end, they realize, that they weren't victims, but suspects . . . Guys guess what! There is only TWO more episodes left of season ONE! I am working on episode 9 now! I hope you guys enjoy this, as much as I enjoyed making it! Thanks! Love Wz682 and JrzeeGrl0897!


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