* The Secret of Soul: Ep. 4 Part 2/2 (14+)

This is the last episode I ever made because my game was an anti-social *ahem* that made me have to remake everything about every 2 scenes.... so yeah... wattpad?

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CAUTION: THE DESCRIPTION CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS ABOUT THIS EPISODE. PLEASE READ AFTER WATCHING PART 2.... or you can read now.... if you do though, you have to watch the episode in HD and like it ;) jk.... not really about the HD part.... I KEEL YOU.

This episode: Capture the flag challenge; Whitney discovers new feelings for Aiken; Alexa sneaks out of Anti-Soul; Alexa and Zelda are discovered; Air raid from the government; Payton finds out why they were bombed; Whitney picks up President Emerald; Chloe reveals important information to Whitney.

DO NOT DISCUSS POLITICS ON MY VIDEO. IF I SEE A POLITICAL COMMENT, IT WILL BE DELETED. I know they discuss it in the video, but don't you dare do it.

Shout outs and other stuff: Thank you so much to ameangelofsin for mixing this episode! I know there's a lot going on in your life, and you still dedicate your entire day/nights to doing this for me. It means so much!
Thank you to my beautiful cast members for getting your lines in and waiting 6 months from the script's release to the episode's release XD I will try to be better about that! No more having to wait six months like that! :(
Thank you to sims3sensei for joining our cast! We are so glad to have you as a part of this short series!
Only 3 episodes left guys! :(

Director: BvhfdjvaExecutive Producer: Sims3PartyProductionAssistant Director: KuuipoWahine34Whitney (Head Peace Keeper/human): CheeriosAtMidnightKara (Witch-soul): KuuipoWahine34Courtney (Witch-soul): ceesy5Sarah (Vampire-soul): Sims3PartyProductionKyla (Shape Shifter-soul): LunarFoxxFireAiden (shapeshifter-soul): PebbleDrop856Payton (demon-anti-soul): sherryandbrago1Aiken (hunter/human): MehhX12Jack (vampire-soul): ChronoRabbitNarrator: drumnstrum247President Emerald (president of usa, sccs. "free spirit"): drumnstrum247Deseray (fire fairy-soul): HaileySims2Delilah (fire fairy-anti soul): PromDiva24Angelica (water fairy soul): ameangelofsinAlexa (water fairy anti-soul): sims3senseiZoe (air fairy soul): Sims3PartyProductionZelda (air fairy anti-soul): SuperCleo889Hana (earth fairy soul): bvhfdjvaHeather (earth fairy anti-soul): RainandAshesChloe (spirit fairy soul): Scarlettequeen13579 (temp)Camina (spirit fairy anti-soul): 2good4utyraVictoria (fallen angel anti-soul): CaseyCakes99
Extras this episode part:

I do not own the music!

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