Deception: Ep. 1 "Is He Japanese?" (10+)

Here is episode 1 of Deception. I made this with the Sims 2. This is not in any way like the Deception movie that came out in theaters. This is a script that I wrote way before that film even came out. I hope you enjoy this. There are some errors like my chroma keying, lips moving when not needed and some choppiness here and there, but overall this is really good. Oops, and Manoon is voiced by Malik.

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The Wall

Jun 28 '14
Oh my god I love your editing its amazing. i can tell this series is going to good and funny the main character cracks me up. GREAT WORK!!! can't wait to see more.
Jun 28 '14
Thank you reesiepiecie! :D It does get better. Episode 2 will be up soon.
Jul 2 '14
Yee! I wonder which one. I'm very happy it makes you think of it.
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